Type Array

See also nfc.*


NDEF message is an array containing NDEF records. Each NDEF records is a table with the following fields.

NDEF Record

You can supply either verbose string values for tnf and type or you can supply raw values with rawTnf and rawType. Raw fields have higher priority. You are responsible for constructing a valid NDEF message, otherwise such messages can fail to be read on other devices. A single record should at least have a TNF value, other fields are optional or up to the specification.

tnf optional

String. TNF value, can be one of these:

  • 'absolute uri'
  • 'empty'
  • 'external type'
  • 'mime media'
  • 'unchanged'
  • 'unknown'
  • 'well known'

type optional

String. Type value, can be one of these or nil:

  • 'alternative carrier'
  • 'handover carrier'
  • 'handover request'
  • 'handover select'
  • 'smart poster'
  • 'text'
  • 'uri'

id optional

String. Id value, can be nil.

payload optional

String. Payload data, can be nil.

rawTnf optional

Number. TNF value as an integer value.

rawType optional

String. Byte array of the type value.