toast.* — Toast

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The Toast plugin shows non-intrusive in-app notification messages for iOS and Android. A must have for any Corona application. To get access to the plugin, you need to support me on Patreon

Toasts are not a part of Corona’s OpenGL hierarchy, therefore they don’t affect your Corona objects in any way. They just display a message and silently disappear.

Supported platforms: iOS 7+ and Android 2.3.3+.



local toast = require('plugin.toast')


Project Settings

To use this plugin, add an entry into the plugins table of build.settings. When added, the build server will integrate the plugin during the build phase.

You also need to add a special function at the top of the build.settings file and provide your Patreon email and an access key. The access key you get when you become a patron.

local spiralcodestudio_patreon_email = 'YOUR_EMAIL'
local spiralcodestudio_key = 'YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'

local function spiralcodestudio_plugin(name)
	local plugin = {publisherId = 'com.spiralcodestudio', supportedPlatforms = {}}
	local platforms = {'android', 'appletvos', 'appletvsimulator', 'iphone', 'iphone-sim', 'mac-sim', 'win32-sim'}
	for i = 1, #platforms do
		local platform = platforms[i]
		plugin.supportedPlatforms[platform] = {url = '' .. spiralcodestudio_patreon_email .. '/' .. spiralcodestudio_key .. '/solar2d/' .. name .. '_' .. platform .. '.tgz'}
	return plugin

settings = {
	plugins = {
		['plugin.toast'] = spiralcodestudio_plugin('toast')

Example'Non-intrusive notification message!')
-- OR --'Toast is done!', {duration = 'long', gravity = 'TopCenter', offset = {0, 128}})

Sample Project

A sample project can be found here.